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VT Massacre: First-Hand Account By Student In One Of The Classrooms

Mark The Homer

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I haven't read a detailed first-hand account on what actually went on in the classrooms until I read this today in the Gazette (local weekly) paper:

‘‘He then began methodically and calmly shooting people down,” Violand wrote in his e-mail. ‘‘It sounded [rhythmic] — like he took his time in between each shot and kept up the pace, moving from person to person. After every shot I thought ‘ok the next one is me.’”

Violand played dead, not moving, but still able to hear the sounds of his injured and dying classmates.

Cho left momentarily but returned and began shooting again.

‘‘He began unloading what it seemed like a second round into everyone again — it had to be the same people,” Violand wrote. ‘‘There were way more gunshots than there were people in that room. I think I heard him reload maybe three times. I think it was the sound of reloading — they were long pauses. He [continued] to shoot everyone over and over. After every shot I braced myself for the next, thinking ‘this one is for me.’”


‘‘I’m seeing a doctor now. Sometimes I really feel not so good,” he said. ‘‘I definitely am more aware that I need a lot of help. Right now, I can’t imagine even going into a classroom.”


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