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Per ESPN Bottom Line: Lions sign WR Marcus Robinson (Gearing up for Trade Down?)


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(I guess this could ultimately affect the Skins. I searched for it and didnt see it anywhere so I figured I would post it.)

I just saw on ESPN that the Lions have signed WR Marcus Robinson. He was at one time a higher up on depth charts around the league for a few teams.

I know Marcus Robinson is not close to being a Calvin Johnson, but do you think it is possible the Lions are building depth through the WR position in an attempt to trade down in the draft?

I know we are not the only ones interested in trading up, but I was just speculating that this could be a sign that they plan on trading down with SOMEONE, whether it be us, Broncos, Bucs, whoever.

So there you have it. Now let me have it.

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I was thinking the exact same thing. They'd get roasted for selecting another WR, even if it is Jerry Rice Part Deux. So they covet Adams, but can get him at 6. So they trade with the Skins, pick up a starting CB, the sixth pick and next year's first, and maybe more. I dont want this to happen but could see a slight possibility.

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