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news.com.au: Iraq withdrawal would humiliate US, says PM


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Iraq withdrawal would humiliate US, says PM

April 24, 2007 10:50am

Article from: AAP

PRIME Minister John Howard said today one reason he won't withdraw Australian troops from Iraq was because it would humiliate the United States.

Two Australian soldiers were injured in southern Iraq yesterday when a roadside bomb exploded as their light armoured vehicle passed by.

Mr Howard did not comment on the incident today.

But he said America's power and support was important for Australian security and he would not support a policy that weakened it.

It would be a “colossal blow to American prestige in the Middle East and around the world” if the coalition pulled out of Iraq and appeared to have lost the war, he said.

“There is nothing in it for Australia in seeing America humiliated in the Middle East,” he told ABC Radio.

“And that's the effect of calling for Australian withdrawal, because if it's OK for us to go why isn't it OK for the Americans and the British to go?”

Mr Howard said history made it clear that American power and support was very important to Australia's security.

“I'm simply not going to support a policy that leads the humiliation, the withdrawal and the weakening of American power and prestige around the world,” he said.

“That would give great power to terrorists.”

Source: news.com.au



All I have to say PM howard is if you run your mouth about the war, then you have to cough up some more troops. If the security of you country hindered on this war then you have to do better than a few hundred troops.


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First off Australia not wanting to abandon America because they depend upon America as a hedge against possible foreign invasion from Asian powers historically, and perhaps into the future doesn't translate into a good reason for America to stay with a failed policy/strategy/war..

Will America prestige be damaged if we pull out of Iraq. Certainly. But American prestige is damaged every day we are unable to subdue Iraq and a handful of gerillas who spend less in a year of fighting than our occupation spends in a week. Staying in Iraq is a festering wound which constantly hurts us. The day we leave Iraq is the day when we start to recover our reputation and our military ability. Just like in Vietnam. Took half around half a decade, but we recovered from Vietnam, we'll recover from Iraq too. Eventually.

As for Iraq always being an unwindable war. That's just patently false. There was no good reason for going to war in Iraq, that's true enough, but the reason we failed is because this war was mismanaged and bad decisions were made at the highest levels of this administration. To suggest this war was unwinable is just stupid, worse than stupid it empowers those who should be held to account for their mistakes.

We lost this war because of a handfull of stupid decisions.

  1. Debathification of the government and industries put most of the responsible people in the country on the wrong side of this conflict.
  2. Disbanding the Iraqi army and not honoring their retirement nor back wages they were owed. Not only has this taken four years to train up and replace the Iraqi Army, this move also created a huge population of militarily trained disaffected people to populate the insurgency.
  3. Holding elections before security was put into place. Now we have an Iraqi government dominated by Iran, putting a political spin on security measures.
  4. Having tried to discredit Norman Schwarzkopf in the first gulf war for conducting too expensive an operation, having tried to discredit Powell for the Powell doctrine which calls for assembling overwhelming force this administration especially the civilian neocons in the Pentagon advocated reversing both (mistakes) of the first gulf war. Advocating going to war with too small a force on the cheap, and not reversing their mistake in a timely manor after their "theory" on modern warfare showed their mistake.
  5. Moving the promotions for general officers out of the military promotions board an into the civilian political appointee control. Every General officer had to personally interview with Rummy in order to obtain a promotion, this along with the practice of retiring, firing and not promoting detractors from the Rummy philosophy created a yes man culture in military leadership.
  6. Not listening to the Chairman of the Joint Chief when he told the administration, Congress, and the American public what this war would cost and what type of commitment it would take to win.

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