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realfootball365: Trade up, Buffalo? Only for Peterson


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Trade up, Buffalo? Only for Peterson

The Buffalo Bills have the 12th overall selection in this weekend's NFL draft, and there is no question they'll be able to land a highly touted prospect in that position. Whether it's one of the linebackers -- Patrick Willis, Jon Beason, Paul Posluszny -- or a cornerback -- Leon Hall, Darrelle Revis -- a player who will be able to help Buffalo's cause immediately will officially be on the team's roster come the afternoon of April 28.

With that said, there's no guarantee the Bills will stay in the 12th spot. Trading down in the opening round to acquire more picks is never a bad move for a still-building franchise, but, in some instances, neither is moving up.

In this year's draft, if the Bills decide to trade higher up in Round 1, the player they have in mind may very well be the draft's consensus top running back, Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson.

Like Reggie Bush in the 2006 draft, Peterson is the cream of the crop in the backfield this year. He's a special runner who would not only solidify a major need for the Bills, he'd also provide star power, too.

Recently, some draft pundits have speculated that Peterson will drop to Buffalo at No. 12, but the odds of that don't seem good. Of course, who'd have thought Matt Leinart would plummet to pick 10 last year?

Peterson is actually so good that teams not even in need of a RB might look to him anyway. The 6-foot-2, 220-pounder, who battled freak injuries during his three-year career with the Sooners, could actually go as high as the second pick. Detroit (No. 2), Cleveland (three), Tampa Bay (four), Arizona (five), Houston (eight), Miami (nine) and Atlanta (10) could all be in the running for the 22-year-old.

You might be thinking, "Why would the Buccaneers, Cardinals, Texans, Dolphins or Falcons -- all of whom have good backs -- need Peterson?" Truthfully, they don't. He might be too tempting to pass up, though.

Should Peterson, who rushed for over 4,000 yards and 41 touchdowns in three seasons with Oklahoma, drop past the fifth choice (Arizona), perhaps Bills General Manager Marv Levy will get on the phone with the Washington Redskins ' brass. In the past the Redskins have dealt away their picks, so there's a chance they'll be willing to barter with Buffalo, move down and acquire more selections for a change.

On the well-known draft value chart, the No. 6 choice is worth 1,600 points. Buffalo's 12th, meanwhile, is good for 1,200. The Bills then have the 43rd pick overall, their second-rounder, which accumulates 470 points in its own right. Even those who aren't the most adept mathematicians can add 1,200 and 470, which is 1,670. That would technically mean Washington would get more than fair value by sending No. 6 to the Bills for 12 and 43, but only if the two teams want it to happen.

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The Bills should sit where they are and take Peterson only if he falls to them. Otherwise they should take one of the LBs. They have too many holes as it is and cannot afford to trade away a second round draft pick or several lower picks to move up, especially for a running back who hasn't played a complete college season since 2004.

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