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I'm officially a vegetarian


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Has anyone seen "Fast Food Nation."

I watched this last night, and it was pretty good until the end where they showed how they kill the cows and just stuff them in a small area and do there business. I won't go into the bloody details.

I'm done with meat for sure. Chicken probably too.

i realized that people farmed cattle like they do fish but didn't think of the details until now.

Anyone else have this reaction.

For the vegetarians on this board, did you have an experience like this to make you one or just for moral/some other reasoning.

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Sorry to hear that.

I read Fast Food Nation a few years ago and I stopped eating ground beef for a while but I couldn't make myself stop eating steak, chicken, etc.

The main thing about the book that bothers me is not how unsanitary the fast-food industry is, but how they completely rip-off private farmers.

They're putting hard-working private farmers out of business everyday, people who have grown up farming and that's all they know. But that's capitalism I guess.

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Glad to hear it

More beef for me.

Word! You guy's are right about the meat packing industry and commercial farming of cattle and them being injected with steroids. My family used to own 100+acres and raise cattle, hog, and chickens for our own consumption and I can tell you there was a huge difference in the quality and taste of our beef to that which is commercially available. Unfortunatley due to what was stated above about putting farmers out of business we only raise about 10 a year now because of the high cost versus the return so i get 1 a year for my family and when I cook the steaks from our organic raised cattle my friends think I'm serving them steaks like Ruth Criss.

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beef and brocolli by Immortal Technique

look, let me make something

abundantly clear for people

that are so bereft of activities

they feel like they gotta comment on mine.

first of all being a vegetarian should

never be associated with being

a revolutionary or being open-minded.

that's a dietary choice.

if someone wants to proliferate the

type of ignorance we're supposed to

be fighting by thinking that,

you're just ****ing yourself.

i don't go around promoting

beef and pultry shoving it in

people's faces.

i don't castigate people for not

eating steak sandwiches;

and i would never diss someone

for being a ****ing broccoli-head,

or living off of radishes,

or eating grass or tofu.

i like a lot of vegan cuisine.

but the illogicality of expecting

everyone to adopt their particular

idea of what being healthy is

is just preposterous.

i've seen some of you herbivores;

and if you want to argue health,

y'all need to eat some kind of supplement

because some of y'all are so skinny

that it's disgusting; looking like the

only hip-hop mother****ers on schindler's list.

being a malnutrition-ass got nothing to do

with being revolutionary or being on-point.

i'll be damned if i let somebody else push

their agenda on me. you know i don't eat pork,

not because i'm a muslim, i just don't

really like it, but i really will

**** a bird up. and fish is good

when that **** is fresh. it's like my "n-word"

Vast Aire from Can Ox said. if you don't like

the smell of burning meat, well then get

the **** off the planet. you know i don't

criticize people for eating moss,

then don't open your ****ing mouth

about my food, man. i like beef

and broccoli mother****er. mind

your god-damn business. matter of fact...

you know what? i'm out. i feel like some

arroco pollo, a banana daiquiri, and

a mother****ing bistec aponado.

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It's a phase, you'll get over it. I did!! Now I have sworn to keep these untrustworthy and nasty cows from over-populating and taking over the earth. Now, I must eat all that I can! I can think of no better way to stop their selfish destruction. It is for the cow's and Earth's "good"!! Emphasize the "good" with A1!

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I'll never eat all vegatables, and I bet you wont last a month, you'll go back to meat.

My eating habbits right now is probably about 5 out of 7 nights eating chicken. So i know i could stop eating meat. Will i go with/out it for a month probably, more than that we shall see.

It's not just all vegies. Tofu taste good if its cooked right. Sauces are the key, like i usually cook south american cuisine or indian where the spices and sauces make the meal good. So substituting meat or chicken for tofu won't hurt me.

Having home cooked Eggplant Parmesean with side salad and garlic bread tonight. yeah i think i can eat straight vegies.

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My eating habbits right now is probably about 5 out of 7 nights eating chicken. So i know i could stop eating meat. Will i go with/out it for a month probably, more than that we shall see.

First of all, if a book made you change, I'm not sure how long you will last (no offense). Second, chicken/fish are still meat, I don't care how people view it. They are animals that can live a few years or more if they weren't slaughtered so quickly and young (and fattened up with all sorts of chemicals).

I don't care if people who eat any meat, I just hate it when people say "I'm a vegetarian, I only eat poultry, fish, and vegetables".

Anyways, I've been a vegetarian since when I was 13 or so. I never really had much meat growing up save for chicken and fish. Thus, I never cared to eat meat anymore.

Again, I'm not some animal rights all vegetables whacko, and I do eat dairy (those people are vegans and are probably very unhealthy). White meat does have it's benefits. Red Meat, not soo much. Either way, to each their own.

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good for you just make sure you get those minerals and protein with other sources, i agree with not eating eat 7 days a week and might actually only eat it now about 2 times a week but there are vitamins provided by meat that you still need

i would also buy meat at a grocery store that cares about how they get meat such as a whole foods

fast food is horrible, except for chicken nuggets and pot belly :silly:

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it happened to one of my friends, he started with a rash, and then the rashes turned into vaginas all over his body...poor guy :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

If he has THOSE all over his body......I bet you have noticed he is A WHOLE LOT SMARTER.


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What a dumb thing to say......

Since when do Vegetarians only eat only vegetables?

BTW i've been a vegetarian my whole life.

I'm sorry, I must not be thinking of the right thing, I thought vegetarines only ate none meat products, and anything that comes out of an animal, such as eggs, etc???

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