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SWEET St. Patty's Day hat and t-shirt on NFL.COM


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The shirts are on back-order in case anyone was wondering.

Team gear that isn't team colors normally gets me going too... however being Irish this is kind of cool and I can wear it to the bar on St.Patty's day!!! I made an exception this time.


I agree with you.. if it were cheap. I would only wear them once (more than likely) and that would be kinda nuts, no?

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it's a t-shirt, ive never paid more than 10$ for one, and I refuse to as well. You can buy redskins shirts at wal-mart for 10$ or less during the season.

I agree with the irritated people, those shirts look just as annoying as the pink or black jerseys. Those hats do look like a Jets hat. No offense to the Irish, but I'm sure you have enough green gear already. For me, I'd only wear it once a year, it'd be pointless.

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I think its kind of cool....maybe a 'once a year' wear and all, but hell, lighten up people. Not everything's a conspiracy! I ordered one, and thanks for the heads-up 112row2.

St. Patty's day is special for me - its the day I came back from Desert Storm and was reunited with my wife.

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