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Tony Romo, Mr. Belding, on stage at a Journey Concert...


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I actually met Mr. Belding at a celebrity golf tournament that my work was putting on. Out of all the celebrities he was the coolest. He spent more time talking with me and a friend than any of the others. We asked him if he would hook us up with any of the girls from the show and he said not before he hooked up with them himself. Out of the other celebrities some were ok, but, he was definitely the coolest.

On the plus side, I pissed off John Byner, cause I was funnier than him. Wendy Jo Sperber (the fat chick from Bosom Buddies) is a really obnoxious person, who wanted us to lie and possibly lose our jobs, just so she could win the car on the "Hole in one" hole. Randall Cunningham is also very cool. Vince Neil was full of himself. The rest of the celebs were pretty much forgetable. Even the guy that the tournament was named after, David Cassidy, didn't even show up for it.

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You make a good point.

In the first clip, it looks like Romo sits to pee's hands were slick with annointing oil.

Second clip: I can't get enough of Santana punking that bama Roy Williams.

Third clip: I saw it in person and still can't believe it.

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