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To all those calling to trade Clinton Portis...


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Portis is a gifted back...a complete football player. Does he fit this offense?...sure! he is talented enough to and has shown that. Durability is a bit of a concern despite how tough he guts it out and plays when dinged up. Betts is a good player, had a solid running game today, catches well...but not the complete player Portis is imo. I'm glad to have his as a Redskin and I hope he sticks around.

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I hate to say it but in this offense I'd take Steven Jackson over both of our guys.

That type of back is exactly what we need...a punisher...like him or Larry Johnson (Riggo-like)...Portis is a powerful blocker but he is a finesse runner...not saying that he is not good now because he really is but he would be better suited for a finesse team...5 rushing touchdowns in '04 is rediculous he was having a better year this year touchdown-wise but he was not getting the yards...if we trade him to the right team for the right player it would help us and him

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