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Cornelius Griffin -- Dec. 22


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Extremeskins is pleased to bring you an interactive chat opportunity with our defensive anchor Cornelius Griffin.

The chat session will be conducted Wednesday Dec. 20 and presented Friday, Dec. 22. Questions for this and other chats can be asked in our Interactive Forum located:


This is a special moderated forum where you can ask questions. We will clean up the questions as best we can and ask them directly, working as fast as we can to provide the answers as quickly as possible once we get started.

ALL questions should be asked within this thread.

Please use the reply option in this thread so all questions that are approved land in this single thread. Thanks.

This is YOUR opportunity as fans of the Redskins to interact as directly as possible with the guy who makes it all start up front. Let's turn out and show the team how much interest there is in such interaction. Please bear in mind that NOT every question will be approved and not every approved question will be answered given limited time.

Show your colors and bring your game. Here's your chance to get the answers to so many of your threads.

Please note the following rules/guidelines for posting questions:

1. This is a moderated forum so when you post a question, you won't see it. We will and we'll approve it as we go. Please don't make multiple submissions thinking we missed it. We will get to as many questions as possible.

2. Please ask ONLY one question per submission. Last time guys had like eight questions per submission and it was hard to clean up.

That's really about it.

Extremeskins Staff.

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First off, let me just say I think you've been our defensive MVP since you got here, and I'm still outraged that you weren't selected for the Pro Bowl in 2004 after you lead all defensive lineman in total tackles behind the line of scrimmage (sacks plus rubs tackled for a loss).

After having a terrific rookie season under John Fox in 2000, you got stuck with the underachiever label in NY after he left. Since coming here, you've proven yourself to be an elite tackle. Not trying to cause controversy here, but, how much of your success would you attribute to Coach Blache's working with you on technique versus how much is a product of Coach William's schemes putting you in situations where you can be effective.

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Griff -

It always seems like when you have a good day, the whole defense has a good day. You're an absolute beast out there on the field. What goes through your mind right before the snap? Is your mind blank, waiting to react, or do you have things you're constantly thinking about?

Thanks, man, and keep on knocking 'em down out there.

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Cornelius, on pass rushing downs, how do you decide what technique to use in a given situation? Do certain defensive calls require certain techniques, or do you decide on the fly based on what you're feeling or what the guy across from you is doing?

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Cornelius, with just two games to go and no playoffs to prepare for, what is your prime focus as an individual on Sunday? And what is the most important thing for the defense as a unit? Is it 100% about winning the games, or are there other considerations, like getting the younger guys some playing time working towards 2007?

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