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Future at Running Back

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There has been a lot of debate here concerning the future at the running back position ranging from Portis being traded to Betts AND Duckett being resigned.

It doesn't seem as though our FO has put much effort into resigning either of these guys, however I can't recall a lot of midseason contract renewals in recent history with this team. We tend to put things off untill the last minute, and unfortuantely usually let our talent walk.

However unlike in most situations we do have a pair of young guys waiting on our practice squad. Coming out of college there was a LOT of man-love for Nemo on these boards. It was obvious he would be a project, and he has bounced between the PS and Active Roster over the past two seasons. Manuel White was also a guy that needed some work, and only stuck around because he managed to get himself hurt the past two years.

Could these guys be progressing? Maybe the coaches have seen something in Nemo to suggest he could replace Duckett or Betts with Cartwright retaining his spot as the #3/ST Stud. Byner was high on this kid and now he's had a year and a half with our coaches, hopefully to work on holding onto the ball.

Is this a possibility or have I been drinking too much kool aid? Any updates or mentions of either of these guys? I'm just hoping we can replace these guys from within without shelling out big money for just a backup/change of pace back. We sure as hell don't have the draft picks to do it this year.

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