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Potential Defensive Problem

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Actually, I think our d as it stands currently matches up well with atl. If our dl maintains disciplined in their rush ie. stays in their lanes, ron mexico will have nowhere to run. I would not advocate designating a spy as this takes someone out of coverage. Rush with four…maintain your lanes, and commit the rest to coverage. Make ron mexico win with his arm

I would have to agree with this do to the fact that some of the worst running and passing teams have burned us.

Its nice to come up with these Ideas...Some of these defenses you posters have stated are sound and would probably work. One problem...is Greg Williams as Arrogant as the article says?

This game is an honest test to see if they are serous about all the talk of Winning. Do they want thier jobs?

If Jason Cambell can score more than 17 points we have a good shot to win.

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See the way I see it is this. If it is a passing down, and Vick does scramble, his mind will be on ST, not the WR down the field. Individual matchups like this is all about intimidation, and thats what ST does best. Ask TO!

We need to get in Vicks head, because thats when he makes mistakes. Vick cannot sit in the pocket and throw, because the WCO does not fit his style of play. He works best on the move. If we have ST darting at him everytime he does it, his passes will be erratic and inaccurate. I think this is the best way to do it.

Vick is a dumb qb with unbelievable talents. So lets make him think more than allow him to use his physical freak of nature talent. If your dumb, your not going to out think a smarter person ;)

Thats what I was trying to get at but you worded it perfect. If his mind is trying to figure out where Taylor is on the field he will make mistakes. I do not think any of our LB's are fast enough to spy Vick and actually get to him. I like your thinking my redskins friend.
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Skins will try to turn Vick into a pocket passer.

Attempts to run , by anyone wearing a Falcon uniform, will be dealt with harshly. After all, we are newly "principled" (and healthy)

While the Skins don't have the Falcons flashy rushing stats, they know what's coming...... we call it Smashmouth NFC East style.

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