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(For the Curious)This is what we need to get a #2 seed and a 1st round bye!


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I have been wondering what the highest seed we could get in the playoffs,regardless how impossible the scenario may be....

I have figured that there is the SLIGHTEST REMOTE possibility for the Redskins to aquire the #2 seed in the playoffs, which also includes a 1st round bye and a home game... :cheers:

To start off simple....This is what we need to happen to win the Division outright with a 9-7 record...

Week 13


Dallas @ Giants=Giants win

Carolina @ Philly=Philly win (carolina 6-6)

Falcons @ Skins=Skins win (Falcons 5-7)



Giants 7-5 (4-0)

Dallas 7-5 (1-4)

Philly 6-6 (2-1)

Skins 5-7 (1-3)

Week 14


Philly @ Skins=Skins win

Giants @ Carolina=Carolina win (carolina 7-6)

Saints @ Dallas=Saints win (saints 8-4)



Giants 7-6 (4-0)

Dallas 7-6 (1-4)

Philly 6-7 (2-2)

Skins 6-7 (2-3)

Week 15


Dallas @ Falcons=Falcons win (Falcons either 7-7 or 6-8..TB week 14)

Philly @ Giants=Philly win

Skins @ Saints=Skins win (saints 8-5)



Giants 7-7 (4-1)

Philly 7-7 (3-2)

Skins 7-7 (2-3)

Dallas 7-7 (1-4)

Week 16


Philly @ Dallas=Dallas win

Saints @ Giants=Giants win (Saints 8-6)

Skins @ Rams=Skins win (Rams win Arizona WK13 6-6,Rams win Bears WK14 7-6,Rams win Raiders WK15 8-6,Rams lose Redskins WK16,Rams win Vikings WK17 Overall record for Rams is 9-7.. :D )



Giants 8-7 (4-1)

Skins 8-7 (2-3)

Dallas 8-7 (2-4)

Philly 7-8 (3-3)

Week 17


Giants @ Skins=Skins win (week 17...the skins would control destiny)

falcons @ Philly=doesn't matter

Lions @ Dallas=doesn't matter

Standings could look like this


Skins 9-7 (3-3)

Dallas 9-7 (2-4)(lets say they beat detroit in WK 17)

Giants 8-8 (4-1)

Philly 8-8 (3-3) (lets say they beat Falcons in WK 17)



Now in week 16 I had the saints at 8-6... :cheers:

And in week 14 I had the Carolina at 7-6.... :cheers:

Carolina remaining schedule from here


Week 15 Steelers=Carolina wins

Week 16 @ Falcons=Falcons win

Week 17 @ Saints=carolina wins

Saints remaining schedule from here


Week 14 Niners @ Saints=Saints win(saints 9-6)

Week 17 Carolina @ Saints=Saints lose(saints overall is 9-7)

At this point,both the Saints and Panthers would have identical records at 9-7....But since the Panthers SWEPT the Saints this year,the Panthers would WIN the Division...!(The Saints would own the tiebreaker against dallas with their WIN as both are 9-7 for the wildcard)

NFC North


Bears are it!Probably 14-2 or maybe 13-3 or 12-4 at worst!

This is also the only scenario where the Vikings could be 9-7 and it would NOT hurt us at all, since they would be a wilcard and we would be Division Winners...



We have the Rams at 9-7 with their whole season and a loss against us just like Carolina...

This means that since the Seahawks have already SWEPT the Rams this year,we can only allow the Seahawks to have an 8-8 record...They are currently 7-4 at the moment....after beating GB...

Here is their remaining schedule


Week 13=Seattle @ Denver

Week 14=Seattle @ Arizona

Week 15=Niners @ Seattle

Week 16=Chargers @ Seattle

Week 17=Seattle @ Bucs

(we can only afford them 1 more victory and the rest are losses!!)

Here are your final and likely Playoff picture and seeding with what we have..


#1 Seed=Chicago Bears 14-2?(draw 1st round Bye and HFA throughout)

#2 Seed=Washington Redskins 9-7 (Draw 1st round Bye and a Home game)

#3 Seed=Carolina Panthers 9-7 (I think they beat the Rams in week 11???)

#4 Seed=St.Louis Rams 9-7 (otherwise the Panthers and rams would switch)

#5 Seed=New Orleans Saints 9-7

#6 Seed=Either the Vikings,Cowboys or Atlanta @ 9-7(we will say Cowboys for fun!) :D

How do ya like dem Apples? :notworthy

I think I would have a stroke if this actually played out!!

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]']can't you just see the media having a field day that a 9-7 team has a #2 seed' date=' especially since its teh redskins who have it :doh:[/quote']

Well, they weren't the #2 seed, but it was a 9-7 Raider team that beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl wasn't it?

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While I appreciate the enthusiasm of my fellow Redskins fans, I think all this talk about the p-word (I refuse to write the word) is setting ourselves up for failure. We've won only one game. Yes, the NFC is weak and, yes, mathematically, we're still in it. But, we only put one game together and slugged out a nice win. We did the same thing against Dallas, then laid an egg the following week. The only thing we need to concentrate on is getting more experience for JC and seeing what the young pups can do. I'm a Redskins fan and no one wants to seem them win more than I do. But, I'm also a realist. I'm not saying it may not happen, I'm just saying that we just need to temper expectations.

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