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Have you lost your mind. He's a head case! He says up front that he doesn't kick off. He bad-mouths franchise quarterbacks. He has inflated statistics because he's kicked indoors all of his career. Now! You tell me why we SHOULD sign him.
Stwasm. I understand how you feel about VANDY. But dog! we cant keep missing chip shot field goals. Vandy is a better kicker than novak. I dont want a head case either but we have no choice. you cant miss 37 yrd field goals. Thats a no no
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OK, OK. Vanderjagt is one of the most accurate kickers all time, but he has been poop ever since he missed that field goal in the playoffs. Also Vanderjagt has a history of being a distraction, something we already have enough of in Washington (if recent ESPN reports are to be believed).

Novak is young and has potenial, but has proven to be 50-50 this season. He is literally 50-50. Nick Novak is like Rod Gardner kicking field goals. I like the kid, but his play has not inspired confidence in me. When he lines up to kick, I am afraid. I can see why people would want to bring in a guy with Vanderjagt's experience, especially if he has a vandeta against the Tuna.

The jury is still out on this one for me though. For the record, here are this year's stats.

Novak: 5 for 10 on field goals.

1-29 yards: 1 for 1.

30-39 yards: 1 for 3 :doh: .

40-49 yards:3 for 6.

50+ yards: 0 for 0 (career).

Vanderjagt: 13 for 18 on field goals.

1-29 yards: 6 for 7.

30-39 yards: 5 for 6.

40-49 yards: 1 for 4 (yikes!).

50+ yards: 1 for 1 (15 for 22 career).

Going just on the numbers, I'd say Vanderjagt is clearly the better kicker. However, do not forget to consider Vanderjagt's low confidence and propensity for causing trouble. Is Vanderjagt a Joe Gibbs guy? If it weren't for his history of talking smack and choking, bringing Vandy in would be a no-brainer, but one has to consider the player's history.

Lastly, let me point out that since we are 4-7, this may be a good time to develop a young kicker with potential like Nick Novak. This is our chance to give the kid a chance.

The crux of the question is this: Should we develop a kid with potential, or should we pursue a professional kicker with issues?

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We just picked up Suisham for the practice squad. I guess the people calling for Vanderjagt were only a little off, Suisham having been the temporary replacement for him earlier in the year. Seeing that he can actually kickoff, Im surprised the cowgirls didn't hang onto him.

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