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Should Washington sign Vanderjagt if given the chance  

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You see an obviously impaired person behind the wheel? Today as I was driving home and the car in front of me was swerving all over the place. It was obvious the guy was drunk. He could not keep his car in between the lines and would randomly slow down and speed up. He was huge hazard to other people on the road. It really pissed me off this guy would endanger the lives of everyone else on the road. I did not have a cell phone so I took down his license plate number and when I got home I reported him to the police. I don't care if I am labeled a NARC, this guy was going to hurt or even kill someone. I felt it was my responsibilty to report him. I have had a friend killed by a drunk driver so as long I know atleast did something, I know I did the right thing.

What do you do in such a situation?

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I'd dial. I actually did call once, when it seemed evident that a dude was going to kill someone before he got off the highway.

It takes serious potential for harm before I'll make the call. But the label "narc" is far easier to live with than the (potential) knowledge that somebody died because you did nothing.

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Do it all the time - did it a few months ago and long story short, when the sheriff finally got there the guy was passed out in the driver's seat at a closed gas station with open containers in the car and the sheriff did nothing. The old "we didn't see him driving" deal. Unreal.

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