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Get your sigs ready and place your bets(i told you i'm a prophet)


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i have a very strong hunch about the panthers game tomorrow. here's the deal.......i am betting my sig for one month on this, so be creative if you want, but i will not lose. not only do i know the redskins will beat the panthers, but they will win by double digits. additionally, i know the panthers will not score more than 20 points. any takers?

oh, and i'm a prophet. :D

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hmmm.that sounds interesting,but as you can see I really have no sig to bet.

And I hope your right about your little prediction,so I think I'm gonna set back and see what kind of takers you get and how creative they are.

Good luck. HTTR!!!

thanks. and i don't need luck, i have the future on my side ;)

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I'd honestly take that bet if it didn't mean that I'd have to be betting on the 'Skins losing tomorrow. Are you offering a spread or is it a straight up or down W or L bet?

the specifics are as i stated.....redskins win by 10 or more, and panthers score between 0 and 20 points.

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so maybe i wasn't 100% accurate, but i was right for the most part. we beat the panthers, and we held them under 20. both were things most of you hoped for, but swore were impossible.

prophecy fulfilled :D

ahh.....almost doesn't count, they didn't win by "double digits". Prophet you are not. the odds were that we were going to win and most likely a home game. I also "knew" that we'd win today, but I'm no prophet, just an incurrable optimist :D

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Can't touch this...5 out of 6...lol

November-26th-2006, 12:52 PM #75


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I think we win. I think the D steps up - ST lays wood, gets a pick. Cooley has a big game. Duckett has a big game.

There. The jinx is in.

God help us.

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