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Stop the Negitive posts! One man's rant...


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Stop all the stop the ranting posts! lol. Actually, my rant is to hire a capable GM to manage this team, something that has been severely lacking for a number of years. Solving all the individual problems with this team is important, but doing it in a manner with foresight and timing in mind is required to reach the SB. Everything must come together the same year, with a little luck too.

A competent GM is needed to fix this team long term and to stop all that incessant fan ranting. IMO.

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Can anyone-else accompany You on that 'Rant'?!? If so, please 'slide-over', so I can 'ride witcha'!!! :(

CONSISTENCY is what has been lacking here: on Offense, Defense, Teams, Front Office, Coaching, Philosophies - You name it!?! :mad:

If we get back to: Blocking, Tackling, Technique, Positioning, Faith, and Professionalism... Hmm?!? :doh:

HAIL!!! :helmet: :logo: :point2sky :applause: :cheers:

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"At 49 I remember the glory days of the Redskins well. They're nice memories, nothing more.

The main problem is the lack of a strong GM to temper the owner and HC's desires with reality.

That's how dynasties are built in the NFL, it's a balance.

Until they find that balance, you can look forward too many more negative posts."


btw...looking at your sig......ever catch the annual Dead concert at William & Mary every April?

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I am under 30 and I will post about Gibbs all I want because we are not playing in the past we are playing in the present. The past only buys you memories, which is evident by your post.

Faith is great, it really is, but when does reality take over? Just like everything in life, things change. Football in general changes, the players, the phylosophes, the speed, etc.

I am glad Gibbs is a like able guy, I am glad how treats people, his players, etc. But there is one thing that Gibbs is now that he wasn't in the past, and that's GM. He decided on what players play, and which ones go. There has been plenty of mistakes there.

thank you and greatly said.. this joe looks like just an ole ordinary joe.. :applause:

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Half the stuff we are asking for doesn’t even make sense! It's almost comical about how the threads all say the same things

They all start off saying our first mistake is not keeping the players together. That we have too high of a turnover every year. Fair enough - I agree

But then they go on about who should be cut, who should be traded, who should be benched... there is a word for that, its called TURNOVER!

Which is it? Blow up the team and try again (What we do every year) or keep the team together and make minor tweaks?

But besides the players - If all you want to do is talk about how bad the team is, stop watching. My friends who follow the cowboys are doing enough of that. I don't need to hear that from Skins fans. The posts saying that we should loose so we don't help the cowboys??? That just makes me mad.

I trust Gibbs. I think something changed this week. But regardless - I believe and trust in Gibbs. We should debate the moves, but simply to post to say the team sucks and everyone needs to be cut - why are you even a fan?

I said it in another post, and I'll say it again. I am a Skins fan. This is what I do. I watch every week and root for them. I get pumped up for the game and enjoy doing it. I enjoy the excitement, and, yes, I even enjoy the disappointment (A little). I enjoy being "All in" and feeling a complete high from a win. The only way to feel the complete high in a win, is to feel the complete low in a lose. You can't have one without the other.

I will watch, I will root, and I will dream. And yes, I will keep track of what needs to happen for the skins to go to the playoffs. No matter how far fetched.

You don't like it? Don't care!

oh - And one more side rant - If you are under 30, don't post about Gibbs. You don't know. You have no idea what he did in 81-92. This franchise was a mess who had not been to playoffs in 6 years and had blown all their draft picks under George Allen. The man turned the franchise around. He was not perfect the 1st time. He never went 16-0, they lost games. They lost a lot in the beginning of the years (Look up his Sept records vs his Dec record). But Gibbs is one of, if not the, greatest coaches in the history of the game. If you are basing your thoughts of Gibbs based on 3 years, one of which he won 11 games, you have no clue what you are talking about.

BTW - The thing about Gibbs being the greatest coach of all time, that's not just Redskins fans. In 1990 (I think it was 1990), Sport Magazine actually declared that on their Cover. Better then John Madden, better then Vince, better then the Bear. It was accepted knowledge that he was one of, if not the, greatest ever. He invented the 1 back offense, he invented the 2 tight end formation, he was the first coach to really sub players after every play based on down and distance, hell, he was one of the first, of for 5 years, only, coach who really had OL pull. He invented the counter Trey.

He’s not perfect – But he is the best there is and I still have faith.

Im under 30 and remember the last 2 superbowl runs very well. I remember the actual last 2 superbowl wins like they were yesterday. Speak for yourself pal.

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Im under 30 and remember the last 2 superbowl runs very well. I remember the actual last 2 superbowl wins like they were yesterday. Speak for yourself pal.

Clearly this was a blankent statement not ment to be taken literly but ment to point out that if you ae basis you thoughts on Gibbs based on the last three years, and think Gibbs was luckly last time, your wrong. Gibbs took over a franchisse that was a mess and tured it around and means so much to this team.

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