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Are you grilling, Frying or roasting your bird this year?


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I'm a dumbass...bought a 23 lb bird frozen, then realized there was no way it'd thaw in time...I'm out of town for the next 24 hrs....

So had to go back and get a thawed bird...14 lbs....luckily my bro is doing some beef briscuit thing too.

TK's just hoping I'll include some homebrew....btw....the pumpkin ale is ready, and its very nice :)

A friend of mine at work made up some pumpkin ale. It was damn good and the 1st time I've ever had it.

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Sigh. I hate to admit this, but I have never had a deep fried turkey. I think I am missing out on something.

You are! Go to your local wally world and shell out the money for the fryer and oil. You will be the king of Turkey day wherever you are having dinner. It only takes about 45 min to prepare, and man is it awesome. I've had them with the cajun butter and plain. I like both just be careful if you decide to inject it. It's easy to over do it. I didn't believe the hype until I had one a couple of years ago. Now when anyone fixes a baked turkey, I feel like I am being cheated.

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Fried of course.

My dad made one about 4 years ago, and I have sworn off all other turkey since.

The best part is that it is so easy. It is the moistest, tastiest way to make a bird.

I think many people are thinking along the lines of KFC Fried chicken, it is nothing of the sort.

Look at this bird. Ohh My. When I finish with mine they look just like this.


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I'm smoking mine, but not today. I'm going to my brother-in-law's. I'll smoke one at some point this season. I"ve never had fried, I"ve heard it's good. My problem is, the smoked is sooo damn good, and everybody loves it so much, it seems silly to fool around with fried.

Warning: One time my brother in law did roasting in a bag, and the turkey tasted like paper bag.

I think a pic of a rainy Thanksgiving Day under a Redskins canopy might be in order.

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