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Which US City has the best food/restaurants?  

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  1. 1. Which US City has the best food/restaurants?

    • New York City (the correct choice)
    • Chicago
    • Las Vegas (if you have a bland palate)
    • San Francisco
    • Other (e.g., Columbus, Ohio)

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Who cares about Cowher? Had he taken last years Superbowl winner, and turned them into a so called "Dynasty" then I would consider it. To take a Superbowl winner, and turn them into the team they are today, you would be a fool to invest in him.

As we should have all learned by now, a new coach, simply cannot step in, and make a winner out of a team. Our system needs to change, not the coach.

I would give Gibbs the opportunity he deserves. If he cannot produce a playoff team, consistently, then it is time to look elsewhere. He should be given the 5 years he signed on for. Don't give up on this team now. I think that now, given JC is now starting, this team has a chance next season, to be a winner.

Now, if this team falls on it's face next season, then give Gibbs his umbrella release, and move him into the front office.

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I know... let's hire Russ Grimm! :point2sky

Now you're talkin'. Link to the past and hungry young lion (hog?) all wrapped up in one. WHEN Gibbs finally steps down again, if Russ is available, that's an interview I'd like to think Dan Snyder would try to arrange.

Not sure bout that..arent we about done trying to re-live the past here?:( Fresh face new ideas would be nice. Grimm might be a good coach but he would never get a fair chance because Gibbs would be mentioned everytime they snapped the ball.:2cents:

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