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Who is going to the game to support JC first home game.


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Or who is going to sell the tickets or no show because the team is 3-7.

Listen guys! We know the team is playing bad . We know that we have problems. But we need to show up 95,000 strong and support this team and the young QB . This guy [JC] wants to win and he and the team need our help. Like it or not this is our team and fedex is our stadium. I dont want to see a bunch of PANTHER fans and people with paper bags at the game.

Lets show some pride!- I know how most of us feel. We are pissed, We are depressed, We are mad at the front office, We are mad at the coaches, We are mad at the players. But thats not going to help our sitaution.

Needing a win- Look all we need is a W. Thats it! and we can build from ther. I not going to say we can make the playoffs because I dont think that can happen but we never know. But I know what we can do. And what we can do is show up at the staduim and cheer our ass off and make hell for the other team and try to help the team win the rest of our home games. Because Fedex is our house and dont nobody comes in our house and win without a fight.

Remember what eagles fan and player put us threw last year when we wher at ther staduim for the last game. We won but it was not easy.

Dont be scared!- Look I know the Panthers have a good record and the Falcons have Vick, but they can be beat. The Eagles dont have Mcnabb so thats a game we can win.

Self pity- So lets stop sitting around feeling down and depressed, Lets stop ****in, Lets stop Bashing and complaining (because lord knows I have done my share) And go to the game and get hyped and 12 th man get rolling and make it hell for visiting teams and fans.

12TH MAN- Is on us do get it done. Yea! our season might be over but we can help the team spoil another teams season. What do we have to lose?

So lets all get drunk and go to the game and get loud (be classy) and get the stadium CRUNK!



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I will be there! It's kind of becoming a tradition for us to go now the weekend after Thanksgiving. We went last year to the Chargers game and got to watch LT break off a big one in OT to beat us :doh:

The week after Thanksgiving is when we normally go to. I was there last year. Are you going up on Saturday?

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I'll be there and every remaining game.

It's the Eagles game I'm dreading. :puke:

Why? We actually have a shot now.

Carolina is the one game I'm attending all year. It'll be nice to take in JC's home debut, but I don't expect much else to cheer for. They just obliterated a Rams team that is much better than we are.

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