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He's just some guy....


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... who we picked up off the street a couple of weeks ago. That was my response to my buddy's question when he asked me, "Who the hell is that number 39 guy playing safety?"

Later, the same question was posed by the same buddy, after our exquisite annoucing crew said we were bringing in our "jumbo" package, which included the imposing Mike Pucillo. My response: "just some guy we picked up off the street I think."

The same question was posed to me again in the 4th quarter after our final touchdown drive. "Who the hell is Mike Yoder?" My response: "just some guy we picked up off the street."

I believe these questions, and my responses, pretty symbolize the state of affairs right now for this team. We are so thin, our talent level has disintegrated so quickly, and we are so desparate, that we are actually scraping guys off the pavement, dressing them in uniforms, and giving them meaningful playing time. I hate having to tell people "He's just some guy." You can officially count me with the "it's a personnel problem" crowd here.

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