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iPod Guru's needed!


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Last sunday was my birthday and even tho the skins couldnt pull it out i did get some nice presents, including an ipod. I had the mini but it was too small so i got a 30 GB video one.

So my question is: Is there any way to change the format on videos that i have downloaded and make them fit onto my ipod. Like i have some Law and order episodes that i bought from itunes that obvisously transfer to my ipod. But nothing else will.

I tried putting on some seinfeld and like half improrted into my itunes library but when connecting the ipod to my computer an error message came up and none transfered, very dissapointing.

I did not buy the ipod as a video player, im just curious if there is some way to change the format of videos to fit what itunes wants. Or when downloading movies and such in the future what to look for to what will work on the ipod.

Thank you in advance.

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no sure what you mean videos you have downloaded but...

The ipod can play a number of different media types. Folks normally use Handbrake software to get video into ipod format. There is a page here:


but you can like do a google search for dvd to ipod or video to ipod to find tools for mac and windows both commercial and free. You should be able to play many formats on the ipod but some will not be supported (I suspect things like WMA or AVI are not supported on the ipod).

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