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Betts is better than Portis at ...


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Betts is not better than CP in any facet of the game. I believe Duckett is better than Betts. Of course his YPC is more he gets to run with only 7 and sometime 6 in the box. Portis was our offense last year and one of the highlights of ours this season.

Betts is a free agent next season and I don't even know if he likes it here.

Betts is not a top 5 stud like Portis and never will be. People cannot expect him to be a 1500 yard back. He is however a great back, one of the best #2s in the league.

Where did you get the idea that he doesn't want to be here. He has never complained through his time in Washington (his entire NFL career) and he has done everything the coaching staff asked of him.

Would I take him over Portis? HELL NO. Would I take him over many of the #1 backs in the league right now? HELL YES. (Julius Jones, Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams) Many teams would be happy to have a back like Betts at thier #1, were lucky enough to have him as our 2.

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I'll bet you TJ is better up the gut......CP is too light to continually get hammered into the middle....he will never be healthy if we continue to use him this way......he is more of a finese runner......I cant stand to see him continually ran up the middle.....

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This thread is missing a very key factor ... Portis hasn't been healthy all year.

He's not been right since the shoulder injury in the first drive of the first preseason game. It's been apparent in his diminished explosion between the tackles and his aggressiveness in pass pro. He simply was never the same guy this year as he was the past two.

Betts by contrast has been healthy and slamming it in there all year, plus shown very good hands. He's done everything you could ask and a bit more. But even at his best, he's not the elite back CP is when healthy.

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