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Here We Go!!!

Skins fans for the Big Easy is taking off and ready to do their part while cheering on their team in the Crescent City. While the season has not been exactly what we dreamed it would be, skins fans will be making a difference. Here are some of the projects up for consideration. Since each of these families homes have been in a various state of rebuild we will not know which project until a week or two before. We do know that we will be probably be installing sheetrock, or insulation one of these homes.

Alanie and Terry- Alanie and Terry have lived in St. Bernard Parish their entire lives. They raised their two children here and were looking forward to welcoming grandchildren into their home. Unfortunately, their house flooded and their entire home needs to be rebuilt. The Aisolas did not have flood insurance and only received enough money from their insurance company to cover the repairs to their damaged roof. Alanie is disabled and is unable to work. Her husband, however, is a skilled carpenter and has been able to do many of the repairs when he is not at work (he works as a machine operator). The Aisolas needs additional financial and volunteer support to purchase and install insulation, drywall, floors and cabinets in their home. Alanie is also a regular volunteer in our office, and without her, we'd be even crazier than we are.

Noella - has lived in the Parish for most of her life and also lost here house in the flood. She is a 52-year-old grandmother whose daughter is also trying to rebuild. During the day, Noella takes care of her two grandchildren. At night, she works at Folgers for $10/hour. Noella still needs windows, a front door, electric wiring, insulation and drywall, a tub, two toilets and sinks, flooring, cabinets, appliances and some roof repairs.

Mary - Mary is a single mother of a 13-year-old son with ADD. They evacuated to Tennessee with family and friends. Since they have returned to the Parish, she has been able to replace her windows and doors. She has had some framing done and her ceiling has been checked for mold. Mary currently works for CNA for $9.50/hr. Her house still needs some roof repairs, wiring, insulation and sheetrock, flooring, cabinets and countertops and appliances. She received a gift card from Catholic Charities, which will help pay for the sheetrock.

What has struck me as I read these needs is the fact that there are so many people still stuck in limbo almost a year and a half after the storms. I will be sending more info on the project and the region. Look for more info soon. If you know anyone interested in helping please contact me at steelneil@skinsfans4bigeasy.org.

Steel Neil

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