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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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some of you are talking with " fork tongue" you talk about tradition, but you want to keep the uniforms as they are?? burgundy and gold are the traditional colors of the Washington Redskins!!!!! the helmet is ok. I like the spear and the Redskins Chief logo. I don't care for the white pants.

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Gold needs needs to be gold, not yellow, and burgundy needs to be burgundy, not red. The Indian needs to stay, and the general color scheme needs to stay the same.

However, white on white at home? NO. Also, is there any way we could fit the spear onto the jersey somehow?

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For some reason I cant get the picture in the thread but this should be the new look.

(anyone who can get the picture uploaded in the thread, please...)

that is fwooking sick

that would look so good but what about the away

do we go burgundy pants and white tops like we have now.... just change the stripes or do we dare try a gold jersey instead of white

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