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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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They're not all burgundy. If you'll notice there's a tiny strip of white at the bottom of the sock. I'm pretty sure one-colored socks result in a fine from the league which is what got Portis and ST in trouble 2 years ago.

EDIT: Come to think of it, I only remember ST wearing the crazy soccer style socks, but I'm pretty sure there was one game where Portis got fined for wearing socks that were all burgundy.

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Didn't see this posted anywhere.... Wondering if the Skins are wearing the throwbacks today. Was said in the beginning of the year that we were probably wearing them twice... The Giants game and this last game against the Girls. We all have our superstitions and are into the whole karma thing, and we know what happened when we wore them the first time... Question is, is this pre-determined or is it a team decision thing??? I hope we stick with the standard white jerseys and burgundy pants... Anyone know for sure? :dallasuck

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1. Gibbs is gone.

2. Our current SB-lucky uniforms.............. enough said.

3. We have had the current threads LONGER than any former Redskin

uniform in team history!

You say why? Change people. Change is good.

You say uniforms don't effect on-field performance.

Well I say, so what. If there is no effect on team performance then new uniforms shouldn't bother you.

Besides, new uniforms would mark an end to the fashion-police articles you hate.

Burgundy and Gold people. Not Red, Yellow and White.

BTW if you don't care about this issue please don't post.

I don't post on your threads about some player we should draft first round who you happen to see make a few tackles on some meaningless Bowl game. :applause:

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