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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I asked about this earlier in the year. The answer is no.

I'd like to see it one more time though.

Just curious, where did you hear that they were going to wear it only one time. I heard the same thing, but I can't remember. I thought I heard it on redskins radio. Thought I heard larry discussing it. I don't know why they would only wear it one time, but I thought that like other teams doing the 75th anniversary that wore their jerseys twice, I thought that they would follow suit.

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I have always wondered why the skins have the white jerseys as there home color. Is there a special reson for this or has it always been like this?

Personaly I would like to see the burgundy jersey and the burgundy pants as the home uniform!

I think Gibbs brought the white jersey deal when he came in '81. Before that he was with the Chargers and they did white jerseys at home games.

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has anyone noticed that the skins have slowly changed from the white socks with a burg/gold stripes, to a all burg sock?

The burg. sock arrangement is for the white pants uni, and is sorta a holdover from when we wore white on white.

It is bringing us luck during a late season run, just like the white on white did.

Am I way too anal about thier socks? do you care?

thanking you in advance...

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I noticed last week that Landry seemed to have a different combo than the rest of the team. I think he was of the all burgundy variety while the rest had all white.

Let's just win in style. And that's however we win.

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