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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I hope not. I say give the players what they want for once. They have always said they would like to try out the burgundy on burgundy. They've been through a lot the last week and half. Do something to cheer them up and get them more excited to play.

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Guest Spearfeather
Folks, NONE of this is ever going to happen as long as Grandpa Gibbs is still in town. It's a well-known fact that he HATES all of the throwback unis and HATES the burgundy jersey, which is why they started wearing white at home in 1981.

Personally, the Skins need to change this uni that they've had since 1979 with no changes whatsoever. The updated spear helmet throwback is a great idea...but only if they wear the BURGUNDY jerseys at home.


Don't know why people keep saying this. The White at home from what I've heard was on the advice of Bobby Beathard, but I never heard why. Gibbs has said that he usually leaves it up to the players.

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Does anyone know if we are going to be wearing the 75th anniversary uniforms against the Cowboys? I know that the NFL allows a certain amount of games that a team can wear their "alternate" jerseys, but I was wondering if this has been announced or they haven't made a decision. I heard that the Giants game was the only time that they were going to wear it. Could someone clarify this for me. By the way mods, I tried the search function and it did not work, so I apologize if this question or thread already has been started.

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I want to see the red jersey of this style. I'm sure some of you older skins fans remember the uni's very well with charley taylor, sonny, billy and the list of redskins greats go on wearing this style. But I would love to see them wear the 70th anniversary style uniforms at least once a year like the other teams do. Or even the white on white's.

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