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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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All burgundy would look pretty sweet.

I know its not cool to talk about uniforms, but they really do make a difference. Little things like that jack players up.

In college, I follow Clemson, and when they bust out the All Orange, or wear the Purple Jersey's they players seem to have an added spark. I've talked to some players down there, and they said it does kinda fire 'em up, and it's something special for the seniors to do.

Personally I think it's time for an overhaul of the Redskins uniforms in general.

First the helmet. Burgundy helmet, single Yellow Stripe, Yellow Facemask, everything else the same. - Maybe replace the Chief w/ a Yellow R.

Also on the Jerseys, add the DC logo that the Nationals use (in Skins colors). This doesn't have to be very large, just a small patch on the sleeve or something. I think United and the Wizards should do this too. Also, move away from the two stripes on the current jerseys, and go for the stripe pattern on the 75th anniversary throwback.

Normal Home Unis - Yellow Pants, Burgundy Jerseys.

Normal Away - Burgundy pants, White Jerseys

Alt Home - Burgundy on Burgundy

Alt Away - Yellow Pants, White Jerseys

Alt #2 Home - White Pants, Burgundy Jerseys

Alt #2 Away - White Pants, White Jerseys

Crazy Alt - Burgundy Pants, Yellow Jerseys

Keep the 70th and 75th Unis in rotation too.

Yes I have too much time on my hands.

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The team is supposed to wear the throwbacks again on Thursday. ^^^^ you beat me to it.

They seriously need to start wearing more burgundy jersey from now on or else we might be mistaken for the White and Gold!! I really like the throwbacks, but need some more burg.....:logo:

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In the past we wore and all white uniform that set us on a long winning streak that helped us into the playoffs. I believe that we need a spark right now. What does everyone think if the Redskins wore their Burgundy jersies and pants for their home games to 1) Honor Sean Taylor, and 2) Spark them into the playoffs? I think htey would look awesome!:point2sky

This team has more problems than what they wear on the field.

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no one has brought up the point that most home teams in the nfl choose to wear dark jerseys at home, thus we are forced to wear white on the road. We always wear white at home because it has been redskin tradition.

And both the gmen and the vikes wear dark jerseys at home, so the possibility of wearing burgandy is not very likely.

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