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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I got my order confirmation on 9/13, when the status changed to "in stock". Ship confirmation on 9/14, and it actually got picked up by FedEx on 9/17. Should arrive today. Of course, I ordered from Reebok online store, not NFL Shop.

please post pics, i am going to get one, but want to see what it looks like first, thanks

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I searched for this but didn't see it posted anywhere which uniforms are the Skins wearing for the Giants game is it the ones with the Arrow helmets or the ones with the R on the side.

The celebration of the Redskins' 75th Anniversary will continue this weekend as the team will wear a special throwback uniform for the Giants game at FedExField.


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From what I've read, these uniforms were either concepted or designed by Vince Lombardi. Unfortunately, he passed away before the 1970 season when they were first worn. Defensive Coordinator Bill Austin became Head Coach but was fired after just one season in order to make room for George Allen. Those uniforms, and particularly the helmet, lasted one more year before making way for the helmet design we still use today which was, incidently, designed by George Allen because he never liked the Packers look as they were a big rival of his late 60's Rams teams.

At least we can say we made the playoffs the last year those old unis were worn. :cheers:

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A little google checking. 1969, the Skins wore the spear.

In 70 and 71, they wore the R.


In '69, Lombardi's last season, they did still wear the spear helmet, but the uniforms themselves changed. The pants changed from a single burgundy stripe to a white stripe with burgundy on both sides, stripes were added to the burgundy jersies and the stripes on the white jerseys where changed to stripes we see on the 75th anniversary jersey. The colors were also lightened from the true burgundy and gold to the current colors. There is also a story that Lombardi was color blind and "accidentally" ordered rose colored jerseys. Sounds like an urban legend to me. Either way the transformation to Green Bay style uniforms was underway in the Lombardi regime, unfortunately he didn't get to see the yellow helmets in action.

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Do they repaint they players helmets and give them a different colored face mask to attatch or do they just give them an entirely different helmet. I know I hated getting a new helmet when played. Took forever to get used to the way it fit.

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