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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread


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i'm all for the breach cloth look, i think opposing teams would be afraid to tackle us haha

i was recently playing a 6 on 6 tackle football game and we were losing bad, so my friend paul dropped his shorts right before taking a pitch right... needless to say no one tackled him and he took it the house, literally lol hey it helped us get back in the game

but we'd always worried about him a little if you know what i mean and that didn't help

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Went to the stadium store to speak with the marketing manager about a t-shirt design that a freind and I had come up with. During the conversation I asked, are we doing anything special in regaurds to a 75th ann. uniform this year. I was told absolutley that the uniform was being designed by Reebok and were to resemble the 72-73 superbowl uniforms with the yellow helmet with the script R. I was also told that they would be worn at the home opener agianst the fins!!

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So in other words it would look something like this?


Im down with this look, it sure as hell beats the white on white

I dunno, I think the 70th anniversary unis are much better. I wish we could keep them as our permanent.

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