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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Who cares what Dallas wears.  Why are we talking about Dallas.  Let them continue to wear those sea foam green pants that they claim are silver.


Dude, we gotta look sharp and badass WHEN we beat you this year. 


I hope they make us wear the blue jerseys.  :D

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I'm not a real uniform guy, but I stumbled across a picture from of the throwback with the spear on the helmet.  That was a pretty good look.

You mean the one that's really similar to the FSU helmet? IIRC, we used them during the Spurrier era, and I couldn't believe he went along with it!
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I was campaigning on this forum for years to bring back gold pants. They did it for the 70th Anniversary uniforms but they used actual GOLD pants. Now they got it right and I hope they never go back to anything else. Not even burgundy.

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Deep dark rich burgundy.  Metallic gold.   And white only if we have to and the minimum we have to use.  


Enough of this red and yellow bull****.  We ain't the damn 49ers and we ain't the damn Chiefs.

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The last time we played the pack in GB (As you can tell, I miss our White on Burgundy) we had our white tops and burgundy pants. Since GB only has Gold pants, what do you think the chances we go back to our Super Bowl uniform days? I'm not sure Nike even made burgundy pants for us. Hopefully we don't come out White on White, terrible. 


I grew up with our White on Burgundy, so i'm pullin for it.

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