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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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what ever Joe Gibbs thinks we should wear im fine with. I hear were gonna have 75 anny uni's...I hope there old school style.

How much ya wanna bet they are EXACTLY like the 70th anny unis with a different patch?

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Why do Redskins fans constantly want to mess with tradition??? We're not the Falcons,Raiders or Steelers.

You want black uniforms? Go cheer for them.

Cus We like the skins?? I don't particularly want to see black unis, but it's not like we have always worn the uniform we have now. This is our 4th helmet alone. Why mess with tradition.... go back to



And if an owner can make money doing something they'll do it... Watch for alts this year being 75th anniversary

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lol Extreme Skins will condescend on any topic. My guess is arrogance is just easy on the internet? This guy just wanted to share his opinions and somehow people find a way to "teach" him how wrong he is. Give me a break.

Did he answer a question wrong?He asked for opinions...and hes getting them.

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Fashion Police! Weee-oooo Wee-ooooo

You rang? ;)


I'm not big on the whole uniform/fashion thing. However, one thing I can say is no to the black uniform and/or helmet.

Harris has taken care of the other part about the other thread.

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