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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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1000th post. Yay

Mazel Tov!!!

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Maybe I'm superstitious but I feel like it's impossible fo us to win unless we wear the white jersey and burgundy pants. Look throughout Redskins history and there seems to be a correlation between the amount of games we win and the unis we wear. Bring back the white jersey and burgundy pants...or at the very least the white on whites. We won with those too...

I see where you're coming from but we also lost most of our games from 93-2010 in those unis. It's all personal preference really, but I never liked always wearing white jerseys.

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I'm sick and tired of these uniform changes, why can't we just wear these and call it a day?


Gotta say that I agree with ya whole-heartedly; I've always liked the 80's unis, not a big fan of the gold/yellow/ mustard whatever color they are...

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Hay-zeus Christo, what the hell does it matter? We lose no matter what. A team is not defined by good or bad by the colors they have on. It's performance. We wore these same Burgundy and Gold combo in the 70s and made the playoffs plenty of times and a SB. Puhleeze.....

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I really like the throwbacks but it's hard to see the numbers from the stands.

I agree, that was very difficult to make out numbers. It was a team effort in my section... especially with Briscoe getting reps, having he and Morgan on the field together was difficult... and on more than one occasion, the crowd went all "Coooooooley" when Paulsen caught it, hahah.

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I hated...let me reiterate - HATED - all the years the Redskins wore white at home. It always seemed to me that almost everyone else wore their colors at home, why shouldn't the Redskins? Furthermore, why should another team get to come into RFK/FedEx and get to wear their home colors in the Redskins' stadium. (Granted they wore white at home well before visiting fans were a problem, however it's a wonder that so many of them started showing up; their team gets to dress like the home team when they come to play here!) I was thrilled when they started wearing burgundy at home, and contrary to what some people think I happen to have always loved the burgundy jerseys and white pants. The gold pants are okay, but I'd prefer the burgundy over white. I have no issue with white over burgundy pants, but for ROAD GAMES.

Someone mentioned the throwbacks; I liked them, and I have no issue with the Redskins pulling them out once or twice a season. They did it against Carolina, and I suspect that we'll see them again against the Giants. You're allowed two alternate jersey games, and seeing that the Giants were the original rival when the team moved here I bet they bring them out again then. It's also before a national TV audience. That aside, if I never see white at home again I'll be happy.

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Guest Spearfeather

Gold pants are going to be here one way or another, as long as Allen's here. ( love' em )

I don't see the throwbacks happening two games in a row.

Burgundy with gold. (or white )

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