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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Lot of hype and worry for nothing.

If Nike's smart, which I imagine they are, you start with regular uni's for everyone. In a year or two you get one alternate jersey for each team. And then you move from there.

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Looks exactly the same to me.

---------- Post added April-3rd-2012 at 12:12 PM ----------

Even if the uniforms change one day, Washington will be one of the lasts to do so probably. Very conservative area we have.

I don't know if "conservative" and "Washington, DC" should ever be used in the same sentence. Perhaps...traditional would be a better fit.

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how does everyone come in here and whine prior to the unveiling about tradition and yada yada, and then when nothing changes... they whine? haha. Pick a side and stick to it.

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Glad nothing has changed. I was worried about owning a Griffin jersey that looked like it came from the XFL.

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My first question is where are the gold pants!

They went with the white pants for the unveiling. The gold pants haven't gone anywhere.

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