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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Kinda agree. Just don't want them going absolutely nuts.
At the very least I hope the uniforms are sleeker and more custom fitted to the body. I also want our colors to be darker and bolder. Right now our uniforms remind me too much of McDonalds or Wells Fargo :/ Edited by dnpmakkah
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dude, you realize a hat that starts off flat can become bent.

heres some help:

look at the end of your arms, you have these funny looking things called hands

take your hands, and pick up the flat hat

grip the bill, move hands towards each other

Don't be a condescending jackass. Hats can come flat, slightly bent or pre-bent. I just prefer the prebent so I don't have to keep bending them. I don't like the weathered look either. It's like buying jeans with holes already ripped in them.

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Got this from the uniwatch twitter feed......

Detroit Lions equipment manager Tim O’Neill went into some detail over the major differences in the NIke uniforms in an interview with Detroitlions.com.


Our pants had a "sheen" look to them also. I want us to go back to the duller burgundy.

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