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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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The Redskins have been wearing these current uniforms for precisely 30 years. It was during the 1979 season that they introduced this current uniform and it has lasted the longest of any previous uniform since the Redskins were a Boston franchise.

Personally, I'd like to see the team sport a combination of former uniforms throughout the season but keep the present uniform as the official uniform.

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what better way to invite change than to change the uniforn a lil bit???

If anyone is watching the TCU/Boise St game right now, I am totally digging TCU's new helmet.

The Redskins should try the same kind of pattern for their helmet.

Keep it overall burgundy, just have some saturation of gold in the back and have it transition to full burgundy in the front . Have a kind of sleek bowling ball look.

For the pants, have the same kind of gold saturation going into full burgundy.

Florida St went to an insane looking black helmet.

Skins could go back to the spear for an emblem..

Would be awesome!!

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1. Merge this with the fashion police thread.

2. Oh God no.

it will be merged, but that looks like someone screwed up on the paint job.\\Once again I would like to see a tweak. Maybe eliminate the stripes on the helmet and sleeves. Make our pants back to the old 1970s gold. The burgundy jersies would look sharp then.

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