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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Now 0-2 in those. I say never go back to this combo.

I don't understand this logic...I mean, how many God awful games have there been when we wear burgundy pants w/ white jerseys? We have FAR more losses with that combo, so should we never wear that again?

The team needs to bring back the GOLD pants.

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agree. I love those all burg uni's. I like the all whites as well.

I'm with you, I like both. I'm sick of the burgundy pants / white jerseys. Sure we had great memories in them, but since Gibbs 1, we've had a bad run in them. We need to bring back the Gold pants. I have no idea how we can get momentum behind the return of the Gold pants, but maybe if enough of us here make noise, something will happen???

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I am a traditionalist. Burgundy pants, white tops.

I really liked the 70th anniversary jerseys though with the spear helmet.

I didn't mind that one but my favorite was the 75th. The Yellow pants, yellow 'R' helmet. That was a great throwback uni. The way some of these other teams are wearing their throwbacks all the time, I wouldn't mind seeing one of ours come back occasionally.

I would like to see more uni differences, but I too can live with what we were doing with the white tops/burg pants. I was never fond of the reverse tho. I love the burg jerseys (most of the jerseys I own are the burg ones), but I could never like the white pants. Maybe they should go with yellow pants with the burg tops, that might be ok. But the white pants never did anything for me.

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Last night on sportcenter they mentioned that the Rams wore their old

YELLOW pants and not their new GOLD ones.

The Redskins' colors are burgundy and GOLD.

There is no GOLD in the current Redskins uniform.

Who here does not see an obvious oversight?:chair:

In the words of our current GMs father......"the future is now".

How about rectifying the uniform issue for the next season as well as the more important changes this team has to make?

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