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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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It was a one-time thing. I hope we never see them again.

Getting in before this get's merged: I couldn't agree more.

The burgundy on burgundy looked absolutely garish and putrid. Didn't work at all IMO. :nono:

Now, if you want to go with the yellow/gold pants and burgundy jersey's in a true retro throw back, I'd be more than down with. The white jersey's/yellow pants against the Giants the other year looked real sweet.


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The burgundy on burgundy looked ok, but it's not the best.

White/Burgundy: :yes:

Burgundy/White: :yes:

White/White: :no: :puke:


70th Anniv. style: :yes:

75th Anniv. style: :yes:

Personally, I think the white on white looks disgusting and would love to see us go back to the White/Burgundy for the home games, and wear the 2002/2003 throwback once or twice a year.

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i personally think those uni's look great, especially with those black/gold cleats portis has on.

that said, i still prefer the white jersey/burgundy pants combo solely because of tradition.

anything is better than these (and the horrendous season they will forever remind me of):


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B & B, white on white...

The white on yellow with the yellow helmets vs the Giants were nice, too.

Lets go b & b with the yellow helmets ftw...

I hate the White tops with burgundy pants. Its tradition and all, but I still find it rather tasteless. The league as a whole has begun to move more towards the solid color scheme. Solid on solid, white on white... its what the players want. Seems like its the older fans that can't let go of "tradition" that want to stick to the past.

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I eagree the white on white look like PJ's, but they still look cool and I wouldn't mind seeing them again. I really liked the B on B despite getting throttled the way we did. Somehow... and maybe its just me, but i don't think the color of the uni's had anything to do with the way we were handled at our house. Id like to see B on B again... we can do it against crappy teams like Detroit or KC just in case though.

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I've been YouTubing all sorts of things, just ready to watch some Redskins football. In coming across the Steelers game last year, I realize that I'd really like to see the burgundy on burgundy uniforms again.

What do you think?

I loved them ,thought they would look good with the yellow helmit.:logo:

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