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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...
This was refreshing to see, something we should use every time Dallas comes to town.

Throwbacks ... I remember a time not too long ago when the home teams on the Sunday following Thanksgiving wore them. We hosted the Saints in 2003 at that point in time and we wore the throwbacks that were featured the year before.

Perhaps not the 75th anniversary uniforms but reach back into the 60's or 70's ... would be pretty cool.


Just so you'll know, the 60's uniforms and the 75th anniverary uniforms are the same.

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looks like we're wearing burgundy tops this week...

So long as it's not paired with burgundy pants. :doh:

The one "positive" that hopefully did come out of the Steeler game, was that now B on B will hopefully be looked upon as a BAD omen.

If it can't be the classical Gibbs/ Championship look, then:

Burgundy jersey's with white pants- Good.

Burgundy jersey's with yellow/gold pants- Even better.

Burgundy on Burgundy- BAD!


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  • 3 weeks later...
Just so you'll know, the 60's uniforms and the 75th anniverary uniforms are the same.

This is not correct, the 75th throwback was what we wore in 1971 (??) - or early 70's, definitely not the 60's. The 70th anniversary throwback was from the 60's.

So, on a side note....since this season is over, we can talk about important things like uniforms now.

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Hail everyone....OK this may have been done to death and don't bash me...search feature turned up nothing....

But would anyone know why we are wearing dark jerseys at home, noticed this in the latter home games. .... I kinda like thoses on the road, but I'm of the "good guys wear white" mentality (at home). Im sure I can handle the dark jerseys at home, but us wearing dark jerseys at home against the cowboys would be to much for me to take....would anyone know what's the deal?

BTW...lets end on a good note and get after the 49ers I'll be there screaming and cheering on the off chance we score more than 10 pts....hahaha....teasing Redskins Nations... HAIL REDSKINS!!!!!

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