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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I've never been superstitious but I was looking back at some memorable games of years past and noticed a pattern.

When we win most big games, they team is wearing maroon pants and white jerseys.

Just to name a few, that wonderful Monday night game in dallas when they won by scoring 2 TD's in the last 2:38.

Also, all THREE Superbowl WINS!!!

What do you people think (other than I'm nuts)?


#1 I believe this will be merge X107?

#2 We wear burgundy, not maroon

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The Burgundy on Burgundy looked HORRIBLE in my opinion. Hopefully, that will be the last of that look!

Totally agree.

What's wrong with a retro, gold/yelow pants, burgundy jersey look, if we want to mix it up. How much more "Redskin" could we get?

But whatever we go with, please, no more white on white, or burgundy on burgundy.


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I was a big fan of the burgundy on burgundy style. It's different and to be quite honest our uniforms are due for a makeover. They are clunky and out of date... And i'm all about Zorn doing whatever he likes because it's his team, and he doesn't have to wear what Joe Gibbs made his players wear. I've had enough of the traditionalist talk.

Let Jim Zorn make his own mark for a change... but I thought the look was new and refreshing. Plus I know a lot of people around here have been requesting the look.

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Does anyone know what uniforms we will be wearing against Dallas? I hope we wear the burgundy on burgundy. Uniforms have nothing to do with the play, so I hope we weer those again.

edit: mods merge didn't know there was another thread

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