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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I start this only because I saw no other comments on it. What the hell was with the burgandy on burgandy uniforms? That was terrible. We look like VT. Whoever is being allowed to make that decision should be fired. We have a great uniform and I can deal with the white on white (I don't like it) but this is awfull. We didn't even look like the Redskins.

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I think the burg on burg is ok. I like it better than the white on white because those look like practice unis to me. Personally I just rather for them to do burg on white at home and white on burg on the road.

I liked the new look...we have lost in every combination this year except the burg tops and white bottoms...but in every loss regardless of uniform...we beat ourselves...period.

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One thing I respect about the skins, packers, steelers, raiders, chiefs, etc is that there uniforms dont change year after year. OK with an alternate throwback every once in a while but what is with this Bloody Mary alternate.

Gibbs established our classic red pants with white jerseys at home and burgandy jerseys on the road. The combo of 50% of the fans waving terrible towels and seeing ketchup bottles getting the 57 knocked out of them...it didnt feel like a redskin game

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They looked like spiderman pajamas. Ditch them. And the all whites too. The skins established a winning tradition in 80s and early 90s with the white jerseys and burgundy pants...three super bowls with those unis. Stop screwing with tradition and bring them back! :mad:

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I've never been superstitious but I was looking back at some memorable games of years past and noticed a pattern.

When we win most big games, they team is wearing burgundy pants and white jerseys.

Just to name a few, that wonderful Monday night game in dallas when they won by scoring 2 TD's in the last 2:38.

Also, all THREE Superbowl WINS!!!

What do you people think (other than I'm nuts)?


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