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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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This loss will certainly persuade them to throw 'em out. :doh:

Yep, that's the last we'll see of those for awhile (if ever). The D in the first half kept it alive. Maybe they work better in away games... j/k... naaaah.

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The uniforms were absolutely hideous in person.

Just awful as soon as I saw them in warmups.

I hope we never see burgundy on burgundy again. We looked like a bunch of wimps and the result was sickening too.

Back to all white, or white and burgundy.

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I was real excited about the uniform change. It actually looks very good watching on TV. It has COLOR, white on white looks so washed out. Please keep wearing the B ob B or white tops and burgandy pants. but overall they looked very, very sharp tonight. Just sorry we ran into a buzz saw of a great defense.

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