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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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If that pic is it then I'm sorry but it's just, damn ugly (no more lynch mob..please!)

But....as long as they win, who cares. I just find it kind of sad that we are becoming like every other team in the NFL. Same colored pants and jerseys, like every other team is doing lately and no more Redskins band in between plays, just a bunch of piped in music like every stadium does in the NFL.

We used to be traditional and not go with the flow, which I always thought distinguished us from the other teams and stadiums in the NFL. Now we are "generic", nothing distinguishes us and our stadium from the rest of the league.

I guess that's what they call...progress.


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I don't know about those jerseys...they kind of look like a college team...I don't really care though...as long as they kick azz!

the white on white look like college too. I think solid any color looks like college.

First impression I like the all burgandy better than white on white.

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