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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I used to be fairly militant when it came to Redskins home uniforms.

I was always from the school of white jerseys with burgundy pants....aka...."The Uniform of Champions".

But I think part of that was my nostalgia for the Gibbs era. Once Gibbs 2.0 came and now went, I've lost that militancy with regards to the past.

So that's the long winded way of saying, I'm all for this experiment and I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll look like in action.

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So does this go along age lines? Has there been a poll on this?

I'm 37 and I think this will look absolutely hideous. I'm seriously extremely disappointed that is happening finally.

Seems like younger kids think it will be "tight".

Nice fresh idea for a big game. I'm down like 4 flat tires.

Maybe they should have addressed this as being groovy or radical. Might make you think it will be cooler. Just a suggestion cause a fan can be any age.

Lets just hope we win. :cool:

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Zorn was used to the all-green in Seattle. This must be his input. Been curious to see what this would look like for a long time now.

Vinny (on 980) has already confirmed that it was the players that wanted to wear burgundy on burgundy & Zorn didn't have a problem with it.

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