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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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I realize the image was photoshopped, but our pants aren't the same color as our jersey's despite the fact that we call them both "burgundy"(hence the quotes). They're different shades, (in real life) at least to my eye. They don't match is all I was really trying to get at. i think it's a bad combo; it's ugly. Just my opinion.

How do you know they aren't having special ones made to match?

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So let me get a jump on 75% of tomorrow's threads.

Skins win: all burgundy for the rest of the year!!!!

Skins loose: ban the all burgundy!!!!!

LOL! Yep, like last years retro uniform against the Giants (if we lose). It won't be "All burgundy for the rest of the year!!!!" if we win, but we won't mind them wearing it again a couple of more times this year (as long as we win with it). Since as long as I've been watching the Skins from '65 (all away games until '73), I have never seen them play in Burgundy on Burgundy. The only other combo would be Gold on either White/Burgundy or Gold.

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I love classic looking jerseys... the normal burgundy pants and white shirts... however, the white on white has grown on me, and I think it would be cool to see the burgundy on burgundy. We have very classic jerseys that a lot can be done with. As long as they don't alter anything (stripes, colors, mascot, etc.) I am all for trying the burgundy on burgundy, or white on white, or white on burgundy... I just can't wait for the game.

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