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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us here for this special Redskins Uniform fashion event brought to you by the Official Extremeskins fashion department. A celebration of fashion during this, the 100th merge. :silly: I know we all are excited to be here and are ready for this exclusive premiere showing of Redskins Uniforms that show off the very latest in exciting pro football fashion. If a player wants to be seen in a football uniform that makes a statement on any football field, whether it be the regular season and sunny or the post season and stormy – the ones you are about to see will do it. We know you can't wait any longer, so let's get started.


Thanks for coming to the show and we hope you have enjoyed yourselves as we have shown off the very best and latest in Redskins uniforms fashion.


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I know it's ridiculous to whine about jersey choice when we're 6-2, but please let this somehow be untrue. Burgundy jerseys at home are just wrong.

Not for the vast majority of Redskin history it isn't. The home whites is a relatively recent development. I want Zorn to put his own stamp on this team.

Gibbs liked white. Marty liked burgundy. Zorn seems like he'll switch it up. I like that...Joe is gone. Memories of his 3 championships will always be associated with home whites!

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So I've noticed that some teams like the Steelers and the Jets are still playing a couple games a year with the throwbacks they unveiled last year (like how the Chargers and Bills wear theirs twice a year). I was wondering does anyone know if we planned to do this or at least more than once last year but decided against it because of the way the Giants game ended last year? Oh, and Burgundy Jerseys are a go for Monday Night.

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As this prepares to be merged. Zorn has said that the offense will wear in practice what they will wear on gameday. If you look at theredskinsblog.com, you can see that the offense is wearing burgundy so there is a strong chance they are going to wear burgundy tonight. But the blogger has said that they can always change their minds.

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