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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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...for the 'skins to don the burgundy on burgundy.

That's right. Burgundy jerseys. Burgundy pants.

White-on-white has (quietly) returned this season, and has been a success.

But I think it's time for the new look of 2008...


Sadly I have thought about the uniforms a little bit more than a normal person should. Here is the problem with burgundy on burgundy. Look at the burgundy jersey-white stripe is on top of the yellow stripe on the sleeve. Now look at the burgundy pants-standing up facing forward the yellow stripe is in front of (or on top of) the white stripe. Ass backwards/opposite of the jersey. It would not match up well in my opinion.

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Hey guys for those of us that dislike the all white why can't we at least wear the uniforms we wore when we beat the cowboys and eagles. At lease wear the burgandy jerseys. I certainly prefer the burgandy pants with white jersey. Our colors look so great on television. all white looks so washed out. Can any one find out what we will be wearing. They say the all whites bring us luck, but nothing could top what we did in dallas and Philly with the great Burgandy jerseys.

Maybe all burgandy. Houston had all dark blue last week and it looked sweet.

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I personally love the white on white look. They can play in those colors as long as they want to as far as I am concerned.

What I am curious about is what our alternate is this year. Are we going to break out the golden pants and white jersey at some point?

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Love the classic Gibbs look of burgundy pants, white jerseys, but if you want the burgundy jerseys, why not go totally retro and throw in the gold pants? That's a look I wouldn't be averse to seeing, a look no-one else will ever have.

But ultimately, if white on white or WHATEVER combination makes the players BELIEVE it's a lucky omen, then that works for me. Any edge we can get.


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People speaking of winning streaks......................just look what happened the last two weeks on the road when no one in Ameica thought we had a chance to win both and we wore the great looking burgany jerseys...........KEEP IT GOING.

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