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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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WHY can't they just wear burgundy tops at home. White tops are for the away team. But I'm seeing more and more teams do it. Of course Dallas, Philly, Tampa, and I'm sure there's a couple others. Just wear burgundy at home.

I can't believe I'm posting in this thread, but Dallas, NYG and Redskins tend to wear white at home. Which I don't mind, personally. It's kindof bizarre, white is supposed to be the road color.

From earlier in the year, the 'Skins were going to wear White at home for the first several games because it's a "cooler" color in the heat, then switch to the burgundy after the mid-way point.

As for tomorrow's game, unless I'm mistaken, Philly wore white at home against Pitt. And wore white last year when we played them. So I'm guessing the 'Skins are going to be in Burgundy jerseys and white pants. I personally don't like the gold pants, but that's just me.

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I wouldn't mind the burgundy and gold, if the gold pants were really gold instead of that yellow color, which I really hate.:helmet:

Also, I like the arrow helmets the best and a close runner up is the feather up the back helmet!

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Since the 2006 season is about to start, I'd like to propose a uniform change for next season.

Let's get rid of the 'white' uniform, and bring back the Burgandy & Gold.

Here are my proposals:

Home Games: Burgandy tops, with Gold Numbers/Names, Gold Pants with Burgandy stripes on each side of the pants seam. Helmet: Gold Helmet with Burgandy "R" surrounded by Burgandy circle of feathers, with Burgandy stripe down center of helmet - i.e.; "Lombardi Helmet."

Away Games: Gold Tops, with Burgandy Numbers/Names, Burgandy pants with Gold stripes on each side of pants seam. Helmet: Burgandy Helmet with Gold "R" surrounded by Gold circle of feathers, with Burgandy stripe down center of helmet.




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...for the 'skins to don the burgundy on burgundy.

That's right. Burgundy jerseys. Burgundy pants.

White-on-white has (quietly) returned this season, and has been a success.

But I think it's time for the new look of 2008...


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