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I think what will help the most is Campbell's height..


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There are lots of things that Campbell brings to the table that Brunell doesn't.

His height. Won't have to design as many roll outs to create passing lanes. He can see over the pass rush.

Arm Strength. He has the arm to be able to make all the throws. He has deep touch, zip for the intermediate routes and then the short accuracy for all the screens and swing passes.

Mobility. Brunell used to have it, but Campbell at this stage is a much more mobile threat.

The only detraction, is can Campbell read a defense given that he hasn't had any professional game experience? That's what we'll find out. And he also needs to get on the same page as all his receivers, which will take time.

I think this move happened too late in the season to make a difference. And reminds me way too much of Gibbs first year when he waited way too long to bench Brunell for Ramsey.

But at least Campbell will gain some experience so that he won't be completely green heading into next year. A Campbell with experience under his bealt gives us a much better chance next season.

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i think what will help most is the offensive line will be put in the right positions by JC being a right handed qb. Samuels back at blind spot is better than Jansen in blind spot.

Samuels has been beat more than year than Jansen. I don't think him now being on the blind side is going to do much for JC's confidence.

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