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Jason Campbell Versus Tampa's Classic Cover 2 Defense


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I expect we will see TB blitz. Kiffin is in fact known as a blitzer. Lynch was a big time blitzer there as a safety, and Ronde has 20 sacks in his career. I believe that is an NFL record for a CB. Add on top of that Campbell is in his first start, that the Eagles and Colts showed that we were susceptible to the blit, and that Portis is out. Even if you hit the blitz with a run and break it, nobody is scared of Betts or Duckett making a long run for a TD because neither of them has the speed.

The only way we won't see much blitzing is if Campbell is staring down receivers. Then they will sit back in a zone, read his eyes, and go for the interceptions.

Of course, if we hit some deep passes early that changes everything.

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